Access to Mathematics when Presented Online or in Electronic Media

The Challenge of Accessible Maths Access to mathematics for disabled people has been a research interest of mine for over 15 years.  My degree included Mathematics as a subsidiary subject so I studied maths up to University level but I am an engineer rather than a mathematician.  So, I understand many aspects of the symbolic […]

Screen Readers for Accessibility Evaluations

The Open Source Screen Reader NVDA Yesterday I downloaded the Open Source Screen Reader NVDA (see:  I need a fully functional screen reader to enable me to undertake detailed accessibility evaluations.  However, the challenge now is that I have to learn to drive it properly.  That will be a steep learning curve for a week […]

What can learning analytics do for accessibility and for disabled students’ support?

Introduction I was formerly (1998-2016) a Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) at the Open University (OU) in the UK.  It was in that context that I first started thinking about the potential of Learning Analytics in my field which is Accessibility of eLearning and Disabled Student Support.  Looking back through […]

Main work related blog transferred to here

Moving main blog While I worked at the Open University my main work related blog was located here: htts://  This blog has had about 33,000 hits as of today (18 Novermber 2019).  However for various resons I have decided to freeze that blog as it currently is and use this as my main work related […]

User generated blog posts

I am trying to work out how to configure WPForms to enable user-generated blog posts and testimonials on this site.  Hopefully, this will lead to a more interesting and useful blog.  Watch this space!  Update:  Too expensive for the time being I looked into allowing user generated blogs without a login.  It is possible but […]

Accessibility of Moodle eLearning Course

Accessibility review for a national church I was contracted by  former colleague from the Open University who is now the Instructional Designer for a national church.  They are producing a leadership course on the Virtual Learning Enviroment (VLE) called Moodle.  This is the same VLE that the Open University uses so I was familiar with […]

Testimonial – The Paciello Group

In  2016 Martyn Cooper undertook a 50 hours consultancy to The Paciello Group (, authoring an e-learning module on Maths Accessibility, for one of their major clients.  Here is a testimonial he received following that work: “Martyn was a diligent and thoughtful author, and exhibited strong domain knowledge as well as a high level of […]

A Brief History of TDP

This is the first post on the new website of Technology for Disabled People (TDP). The consultancy was founded in 1991 by Martyn Cooper after he graduated from The University of Reading with a B.Sc. in Cybernetics and Control Engineering with Mathematics.  Out of his consultancy work, in 1994, Martyn spotted the opportunity for a […]