The Open Source Screen Reader NVDA

Yesterday I downloaded the Open Source Screen Reader NVDA (see:  I need a fully functional screen reader to enable me to undertake detailed accessibility evaluations.  However, the challenge now is that I have to learn to drive it properly.  That will be a steep learning curve for a week or so.  In the past I have used the JAWS screen reader for such tests becasue when I was at the Open University we had a site license for this.  However I have decided to convert to NVDA in part becasue I support their Open Source ethos whereby they offer their screenreader to any blind person worldwide for free.  While Freedon Scientific's JAWS screen reader (see: https://store.freedomscientific/) is an excellent product it is prohibitivly expensive for some disabled people.  A perpetual licensense for the home costs upwards from $1000 in the USA.  As I plan to use NVDA for accessibility evaluations I am paid to undertake I made a donation to NV Access the Australian organisation that develops and supports it.