Screen Readers for Accessibility Evaluations

The Open Source Screen Reader NVDA Yesterday I downloaded the Open Source Screen Reader NVDA (see:  I need a fully functional screen reader to enable me to undertake detailed accessibility evaluations.  However, the challenge now is that I have to learn to drive it properly.  That will be a steep learning curve for a week […]

What can learning analytics do for accessibility and for disabled students’ support?

Introduction I was formally (1998-2016) a Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) at the Open University (OU) in the UK.  It was in that context that I first started thinking about the potential of Learning Analytics in my field which is Accessibility of eLearning and Disabled Student Support.  Looking back through my […]

Main work related blog transferred to here

Moving main blog While I worked at the Open University my main work related blog was located here: htts://  This blog has had about 33,000 hits as of today (18 Novermber 2019).  However for various resons I have decided to freeze that blog as it currently is and use this as my main work related […]

User generated blog posts

I am trying to work out how to configure WPForms to enable user-generated blog posts and testimonials on this site.  Hopefully, this will lead to a more interesting and useful blog.  Watch this space!  Update:  Too expensive for the time being I looked into allowing user generated blogs without a login.  It is possible but […]

Accessibility of Moodle eLearning Course

Accessibility review for a national church I was contracted by  former colleague from the Open University who is now the Instructional Designer for a national church.  They are producing a leadership course on the Virtual Learning Enviroment (VLE) called Moodle.  This is the same VLE that the Open University uses so I was familiar with […]