Testimonial – The Paciello Group

In  2016 Martyn Cooper undertook a 50 hours consultancy to The Paciello Group (https://www.paciellogroup.com/), authoring an e-learning module on Maths Accessibility, for one of their major clients.  Here is a testimonial he received following that work:

“Martyn was a diligent and thoughtful author, and exhibited strong domain knowledge as well as a high level of sensitivity to the technical and social challenges that digital accessibility attempts to address.”  [David Sloan, The Paciello Group]

Published by martyncooper

I am a researcher and consultant working on technology for disabled people. My interests are in new and emerging technologies that empower and enable disabled people in their daily lives, their work and education. In 2016 I retired from 25 years working in academia in this field and am now an independent researcher and freelance consultant.

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