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This is the first post on the new website of Technology for Disabled People (TDP). The consultancy was founded in 1991 by Martyn Cooper after he graduated from The University of Reading with a B.Sc. in Cybernetics and Control Engineering with Mathematics.  Out of his consultancy work, in 1994, Martyn spotted the opportunity for a major project exploiting smart home technology for disabled people.  This was taken into his alma mater of the Cybernetics Dept. at Reading University.  Thus begun Martyn's academic career.  In 1998 he got an appointment at the Open University.  Throughout this, he undertook occasional consultancies as allowed by his contract.  At the end of 2016, Martyn took voluntary severance from the Open University where he had worked for the previous 18 years. He is now available for consultancy work himself or for larger projects can put together a team from his network of consultants.

Published by martyncooper

I am a researcher and consultant working on technology for disabled people. My interests are in new and emerging technologies that empower and enable disabled people in their daily lives, their work and education. In 2016 I retired from 25 years working in academia in this field and am now an independent researcher and freelance consultant.

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